Israel 911 and Muslims

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Israel 911 and Muslims

Post  PaintBombs on Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:32 pm

A certain group of jewish men hired and payed millions to start the real war on muslims. I say real because before 2001 the middle east stage was being set.
Israel need the consent and sympathy of the world to start this war.
So they made "911" happen. With the help from US government insiders and others the project began.
The regular world population saw what happened through controlled media television, it was just like watching a movie where everyone around the world was synced into watch as the plot unfolded. Till this day people still reference what they saw on television to believing what is true. Do those people not realize that television is an illusion? your mind must be kept at an age of 11 to believe everything you see on tv. Denial, Confusion are both part of the trauma, trauma keeps the mind in a state of shock, blurriness and uncertainty. I am not saying the 911 attacks where "fake" or an illusion but more of what the rest of the world is waking up to see. A staged event, a real script with real deaths some people where paid to carry out certain goals.
The facts are out and its our choice to accept it.


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